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Viagra online is one of the most searched for drug online. Google gets over a million of requests for the medication every month. There are lots of myths on the medicine which overestimate its effect or diminish its benefit for men. In this review we will tell you about the effects of Viagra and the cases of usage of the drug which will surprise you!

Top facts about Viagra that you do not know:

1. Viagra is not tried to help premature born babies to survive

While the drug is considered only a male pill and only men buy viagra online, still scientists conduct numerous research of usage of the medicine. Viagra increases blood flow. Premature birth, birth defects are caused by insufficient blood flow as one of the common reasons. Insufficient blood flow causes low oxygenation of the fetus and lack of nutrients a baby gets in the womb. Now Viagra is tried in pregnant women as a drug improving blood flow in the womb to prevent birth defects and premature birth. Increased blood flow helps a baby to get enough of oxygen and nutrients and to continue growth and development in the womb. Thus problems causing premature birth can be eliminated. By now there are no sufficient proofs of Viagra helping babies to develop properly in the womb.

2. Viagra is one of the extremely counterfeited drugs

Due to popularity of the drug and ever growing desire of men to buy Viagra, there are overwhelming number of offers of fake Viagra. The reason is that many people want to try the effect of the medicine which is often overestimated. Viagra does not improve sexual function in healthy men that is why most of experiments fail. Men who notice improvements may have some insufficient sexual dysfunction or this may be only a placebo effect. Still many people try to buy cheap Viagra as its full price is not affordable. This provides a perfect opportunity to fake producers to overflood the market with fake pills. That is why we warn you not to buy Viagra online without prescription from unknown sellers who offer extremely low price. It may harm your health and life.

3. Viagra helps to overcome jet lags

Another lab trial (on hamsters) has proved that Viagra helps to faster recover jet lags. The hamster engaged in the trials were give small dosages of the drug and performed faster reset or circadian rhythms in comparison to average circadian behavior without Viagra. It can happen that in the nearest future Viagra will be marketed as a new medicine helping people to better overcome jet lags which is important for people who are obliged to fly over the country or countries on business too often. But now you can still visit Viagra online Canadian pharmacy to buy the drug to enjoy its direct purpose.

4. Viagra increases athletic performance

People are always looking for safe ways to increase human performance. While professional athletes use hormonal therapy which is known as harmful way to improve physical performance, men buy Viagra UK to improve their sexual performance. Recent studies have proved that athletes taking Viagra perform better in comparison to their average performance or in comparison to those athletes who do not take Viagra. There are no trials proving that Viagra improves or somehow accelerates the delivery of anabolics to the muscles, but still its effect of improving blood saturation of the muscles is worth considering. Thus cheap Viagra online may not only improve your performance in bed, but you can feel your life tone improved if you regularly take the drug for your sexual performance. Note that initially Viagra was developed to improve hearth function and blood flow.

5. Viagra substitutes traditional cures for erectile dysfunction saving endangered species.

Eastern cultures use potions which are produced from blood and tissues of rhinos, tigers and seals. And many people have used these potions to help their erectile dysfunction even not considering the dangers of using such “medications”. Viagra online UK is a cheaper, faster and safer way to get erectile function improved. Besides the drug is approved by FDA and other health organizations. It is produced by one of the leading pharmacies of the world which invests millions of dollars in research of its safety and efficiency for men. Do not try any potions if you face some problems wit erections. Our website offers you Viagra online Canada which is safe and efficient. We offer only original Viagra without prescription. This means for you that even if you buy cheap Viagra UK from our Viagra online pharmacy and do this without prescription, you can be sure that you will get 100% original and safe drug.

6. Viagra does not stimulate your desire to have sex

Many customers of our Viagra online Australia website ask a common question whether the drug stimulates sexual desire. No. The medicine is not a sex stimulant. You can buy Viagra without prescription and take advantage of the drug only in case of having erectile disorders. We offer our customers to buy Viagra online Canada and warn them that the pill will produce noticeable effect only in case of having problems with erection. A healthy man will experience the same sexual intercourse as always.

7. Viagra online USA is the only original drug

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